New Work

Saggar-fired Porcelain Vessels

Special chemical treatments on raw porcelain yield a soft palette of colors in an astonishing array of swirls and patterns.  Living matter can be imprinted on the form as well. The pieces are finished with high quality museum wax to further enhance the smoothness of the surface and its satin look. 

Marble Vase

Marble Stone

Bottle Forms
Bottle Forms - Closeup

Bottle Forms

Vessel with Australian Fern Imprint

Vessel with Common Fern Imprints

Large Platters

Stoneware platters, 16 to 18 inches in diameter, for hanging or as a centerpiece. Each platter is titled and signed, with a unique theme. 

Red Lotus
Stoneware platter, 16-inch diameter, multiple fires, gold luster.
This work is a symbol of moral strength and peace of mind. The lotus flower represents the latter, as a traditional symbol in asian philosophy. The flower is very dear to me. It is central to the piece and supported by a bolted square representing the moral integrity and the set of laws necessary for society to operate in peace.

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