Monday, January 31, 2011

Heeee-Hawww, the Great Western Raku Rodeo is On !

Steven Branfman, Eduardo Lazo, Jim Romberg...That's the powerful lineup for the first Great Western Raku Rodeo workshop at Desert Dragon Pottery/All the Hands studios in Phoenix, AZ !
Three days of Raku magic with veterans of alternative firing techniques. Three days of learning their tricks. Three days of hands-on Raku firing. *cough, cough, cough* all the smoke...I will smell like a fireplace for a week !!!
I am so looking forward to it. Originally planned in November of last year, it was cancelled at the last minute, for lack of interest. Blasphemy !  Poor timing maybe, but not lack of interest. Three Raku heavyweights in one workshop, how could one pass that up ??? Sign me up please ! Luckily for us, Desert Dragon Pottery and All the Hands studios were undeterred. Rescheduling did the trick. Mishy from DDP confirmed last week, Raku Rodeo will be live in less than two weeks, Feb. 11-13.
Wanna sign up ? Check out their website ( for availability.

Lee and I will be packing our bisqued pots, our cowboy hats, and our copy of Branfman's Mastering Raku, driving out East on the 10th. May see you there !

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