Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays !

white lichen glaze on dark clay

Now that the San Diego Pottery Tour is behind me, things are slowing down to a crawl at the studio. I managed to make several simple pieces for a barrel firing in January. They will be drying while I vacation away from home for the holidays. I am leaving the heavy burnishing for later. It's such a chore, but it's so worth it that I drag myself to do a good job of it. No short cuts. The feel of the soft, velvety texture of terra sigilatta on a well burnished pot is to me simply priceless. My customers are always amazed how smooth the vessels are. Hours of elbow grease, that's the secret !
So before I dive back into burnishing pots, Raku-ing new creations, or concocting new glazes, I will enjoy a well deserved me-time under the hawaiian sun. Any potters out there from Hawaii who would like to show me their studios ? Truly I can never hang my potter hat :)

Happy safe holidays to all ! Joyeux Noel et bonnes fetes de fin d'annee ! Best wishes for 2012 ! NCECA Seattle in March !!!!

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