Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strike two for Sue !

Sue Bakley and her First Place piece

My dear friend Sue Bakley got the first place award again this year with her mixed media porcelain figurines. No surprise there, her work does stand out. She crafts characters out of fine porcelain, then borrow from her experience as a purse designer to dress them up with a touch of elegance and charm. I love how she created a style of her own from merging to disparate crafts together. And the possibilities are endless, as she confided. She's got plans to expand her line, so stay tuned and watch out for her.

One of my entries
Shadow Orb; naked Raku

No awards for me, but I did manage to get my two entries picked up for the show. Acceptance rate was about 50%, so I feel good :) They were the only two alternative fire ceramics pieces in the show. I encourage anyone in the field to enter next year, we need more representation !

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