Friday, December 17, 2010

Pitfiring, Interrupted

Foiled by the weather ! I was all ready for a pit-firing today in Alpine. I had to work hard and fast to have 8 pieces ready for bisquing on Tuesday. Fired the kiln on Wednesday. Took the pots out on Thursday. And...big storm is moving in all over California. In fact, rain started as I am typing. Blahhhh !
It was going to be my first pit-firing, I was so looking forward to it ! Now I have to wait until after the end of year festivities...
Well, I have my pieces ready, at least. I followed instructions by Linda Keleigh in Watkins and Wandless's book "Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques". They were intriguing, but guaranteed a smooth finish. Basically, I quickly sanded the pieces, then applied baby oil all over, let them dry a few minutes and wipe them with a humid sponge. I used a river stone to burnish the pieces. That took forever ! Once burnished I applied a layer of terra sigillata and buffed the pots. They were shiny and pretty ! Even after the bisque at cone 08 they maintained their shine, though they don't feel as smooth.
Now the wait...
Burnished, Bisqued and Ready !

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