Monday, December 6, 2010

Shows, shows, shows !

Another sign of the Christmas holidays approaching: crafts and arts shows and ceramics studio sales are keeping the holiday shoppers busy every weekends.

On Friday night, I was at Clay Associates' opening night for their December studio sale. A nice crowd of people showed up to get first pick on the Associates new work. All senses were pleased, with complimentary food, beverages, and live music. A great way to spend the evening ! I went back on Monday to have a quiet tour and check out the work by students. Oh and I picked up a bowl by Eric Wood, I had my eye on it since the opening. Lucky me, it was still there!
Some of my work is for sale at Clay Associates until Dec 19th. Porcelain teapots, big platters, decorative vases. Some Dry Earth orchid pots. Some new Raku pieces (bottles, folded vessels, jars). The Raku work is selling quick, half of it was gone by Monday ! I have more at home though. My door is always open for a private tour !

On saturday, I got up early to go to a small but incredibly well attended art show, the 47th Annual Winter Carmel Valley Artists Show and Sale, at Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens in Sorrento Valley. Was it the myriad of fine craft offerings, or the complimentary finger food and mimosas that drew the crowd ? Likely both. It was packed and people were pleased, shopping and sampling to their heart's content. Two of my fellow potters were there with their collection. I managed to say hello and snap a few pictures between customers. Great job, Cindy and Karen !

Cindy Teyro's whimsical ceramics

Karen Fidel's display
I love her fishes !

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