Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beware the dragon !

Another little ceramic art fair in Saint Chamas, with a definite flair for the Renaissance period. It was small, about 15 exhibits, with a mix of work from local ceramic artists, demonstrations, hands-on clay tables, and Renaissance fares like homemade meads (strong !) and foodstuff.
The piece de resistance was a dragon-shaped Raku kiln, complete with a smoking breath and baby dragons just hatched ! I missed the unloading, and it looked like they were reloading the belly of the beast. Momma dragon was particularly excited, blowing up smoke through her nostrils in contempt, while her brood was discovering their new world.

In the belly of the beast

Cute dragon babies

Raku work on display

Genevieve Doya
Genevieve is teaching pottery and selling her colorful
wares and jewelry at art fairs in the South of France.
Visit her website to see her latest work !

Wheel demo station

Jean Potier
Jean's work is specific to the Provence area:
colorful low-fire wares with various engobes
and occasionally some sgraffito work

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