Saturday, March 5, 2011

A big Thank You to the Spanish Village Art Center !

This morning was their semi-annual jurying to become of a member of the Spanish Village Art Center. It is quite the affair. Application with photos of work, proof of residency, character references, art background, etc...On the day of the jurying, submission of 5 pieces to be judged on presentation, originality, design, consistency, and technique. One hour to set up, then leave and come back 4 hours later to find out the jurors' marks and your acceptance/rejection letter in an envelope.

Yes, I got in ! What a relief ! I wasn't particularly stressing over it, but I did spend a fair amount of time figuring out the right pieces to display, arranging them in different patterns, adding small decoration elements,...The fear of rejection is always present, no matter how cool you are. So yes, I was a bit nervous.
But, the best part of this ordeal was reading the comments of the jurors. It is incredibly useful to get feedback from professionals and veterans. So I am really grateful the jurors we had this morning took the time to fill out the comments section along with their marks. Yes, it is priceless.

Now that the jurying is done, and passed, here come the real responsabilities of being a SVAC artist. I am looking forward to them though, this is a new and exciting experience. Yes, the destination is still undefined, but I am totally enjoying the ride.

Display for the jurying

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