Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raku with Merle

After weeks of unusually wet San Diego weather, I was finally able to take the Raku kiln out yesterday. I could not wait to try out some new Raku glazes from Fired Up with Raku by australian artist Irene Poulton. So much so that my test tiles were ready last Thursday ! I was practically on standby, waiting for a perfect alignment of weather and schedule. Here comes Monday!
My friend Merle joined me at the last minute. She did such a good job at glazing her pieces that I am making this post just for her. The simple use of a basic white crackle glaze can be very powerful. Notice how the cracking pattern complements the shape and gives the object an instant personality. Her pieces have rather thin walls, which promotes more cracks to appear from thermal shock. The lids came out of the kiln first, followed by the pendants, then the three vessels. Because the latter were exposed to cool air much longer than their lids, they developped big fat cracks all over the thin walls. The insides are covered with smaller, finer cracks (inside cools slower than the outside).

Raku Box
White Crackle, Glossy Copper Sand

Raku Box
White Crackle, Glossy Copper Sand

Raku Vessel
White Crackle, Green Crackle (buttons)

Face Pendants
White Crackle, Green Crackle
And yes, my test tiles turned out pretty good overall. Some glazes are keepers, soon to decorate some new pots I have waiting.

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  1. Thanks for the mention and the post Pierre. I am thrilled with the pieces and am looking forward to seeing your next round of pots with the test glazes.