Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our March Raku Workshop: a Fun-Filled Sunny Day at the Studio

The dust is finally settling at Gets Centered Studio. It was a long day, filled with lots of glazing and multiple Raku frings. Our attendees left exhausted, cluching their lovely pots with a big grin on their faces. Lee and I are proud of our class ! They were all troopers, so eager and willing to try new techniques. Everyone was having fun, and that really made our day. Good job and thank you everyone for making today so special ! That includes you, Elly, our wonderful host at Gets Centered Studio.
Now, I'll let pictures speak and share our day.

The graduating class
L. to R.: Ruth, Rose, Yanna, Alice, Myra 

So many choices !

Caught in a creative act

Kiln loaded

Lee demonstrating the horsehair technique 

Myra dancing around her pot

Yanna is doing a great job !

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  1. This workshop was terrific. I love what Ruth was able to do with your help, and she had a great time.